Fracture & Post-Operative

Illawarra Physiotherapy physiotherapists are trained and well equipped to apply Fibreglass Casts for:

  • Short arm fractures
  • Scaphoid fractures
  • Long arm fracture
  • Short leg fractures
  • Long leg fractures
  • Patella tendon bearing cast

Waterproof underlay is available if required. We also have the tools for removal of casts.


green cast


We provide a range of OPED and AirCast Cam Walking boots for fracture management.

product vacoCast images                aircastairselectelite


Post operative braces

We fit and provide a range of post operative knee and ankle braces

donjoy oadjuster osteoarthritis knee brace 1   DONJOY X 2DF5E4C 1024

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